Allworx 731 Interact Professional 30-Pack License (8211545)

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Allworx 731 Interact Pro 30-Pack License Description:

The Allworx 731 Interact Professional license utilizes a PC-based interface for ease of use along with your Allworx IP phone.  From your PC you can add windows for a dial pad, call history, contacts, current calls, parked calls, etc.  You can also hide these windows with a simple click - customization is at your fingertips. 

The Allworx Interact Sync license is a popular choice for receptionists, call center's, and other professionals who depend on outbound or inbound calls.

The Allworx Interact Professional 8211545 includes thirty Interact Pro Licenses.

Allworx 8211545 Features:

  • Compatibility: Allworx 731
  • Add Windows For:
    • Dial Pad
    • Call History
    • Contacts
    • Current Calls
    • Parked Calls
    • Outside Lines
  • Once-Click Dialing
  • Hold Calls
  • Transfer Calls
  • Park Calls
  • Access Allworx System Users
  • Access Outlook Contacts
  • See Presence Status or Users
  • Record Calls:
    • Individual Calls
    • All Calls Automatically
  • Integrate Third-Party Apps
    • Zendesk
    • SalesForce
    • Highrise
    • Other Popular CMS

*Notice About Licensing:

We will need the MAC address to your Allworx system. We recommend you provide this information within the 'Special Instructions' note section of your shopping cart. However, if you don't we will simply contact you requesting the information - no need to worry.

*Allworx licensing is non-refundable.



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