7 Major Advantages to Buying Refurbished Phones and Telecom Gear

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Advantages of Buying Refurbished

Many business people have a pre-defined notion of what refurbished office phone systems and networking equipment mean and represent when it comes to electronic gear.  Many times, this notion is a negative one stemming from preconceived thoughts of using a pre-owned business device, conversations with co-workers, or a previous bad experience.  The fact of the matter is every company selling refurbished telecom gear has a different definition of refurbished.  Minor dings and dents may be considered refurbished by some companies, and not for others.  Here at Refurbished Phone Exchange, we can only speak for ourselves, so please allow us to explain what refurbished office equipment means to us.

A major factor in buying refurbished phone and networking equipment is to consider the fact that top brand names like ShoreTel, Allworx, Adtran, Polycom, Samsung, ESI, Altigen, Avaya, Cisco, Panasonic, etc. are making better quality telecom products that last much longer and stand up to abuse. Phone systems and networking gear are built to last and continue to serve businesses for years and years. That’s why the resale market is so strong, the build quality is simply rock solid! In most cases, if something were to go wrong with an item, it usually happens early in its use. Think of it as buying the demo model off a Lexus car dealer.

What does refurbished phone or telecom equipment mean?

Any refurbished phone system, module, or phone sold by Refurbished Phone Exchange is considered 'Grade A' refurbished.  This means your phone is fully functional, cleaned and disinfected, given new paper and plastic designation strips (when applicable), given a new matching curly cord, individually boxed and professionally packaged.  We've even outlined our procedures below:

RPE Refurb Standards
  1. Testing - All phones and networking equipment are tested by the Refurbished Phone Exchange quality assurance staff on a compatible system. Functionality such as programmable buttons, line keys, ports, stacking, PoE, displays etc. are tested.
  2. Inspection – Refurbished Phone Exchange thoroughly inspects every inch of your device for blemishes. Those that pass inspection move on to the next step. Those items that don't pass inspection are recycled or sold on the used market for parts.
  3. Clean – Refurbished Phone Exchange thoroughly cleans and disinfects every item. Our staff use the best cleaning solutions not only to clean, but protect and restore. We ensure the cleaning solutions are safe for each product and will not cause discoloration or damage in any way.
  4. Compile – Refurbished Phone Exchange provides all the necessary accessories including cables, designation strips, rack mounts, power supplies, etc.
  5. QA Approve - A Refurbished Phone Exchange QA manager conducts a final 15-point inspection. They scrutinize condition, functionality, required accessories and more.
  6. Box - After an item has been approved it's individually boxed, labeled, and stored by our staff in our 10,000 sq. ft. climate controlled warehouse.
We are so confident in our refurbished phone and network gear that we offer a free one year warranty on every item! 

What's the benefits of buying refurbished?

Here at  Refurbished Phone Exchange, we often get the same question from new customers time and time again.  That question is, "What's the benefits of buying refurbished?".  Since some people are hesitant to make the jump from buying new to buying refurbished phone systems and networking equipment, we have outlined the 7 major benefits of buying refurbished gear:

Refurbished Benefits List

  1. Cost - Refurbished phones and networking gear are much more affordable than new telecom equipment. In many cases, the refurbished price is less than half the price of the new item.
  2. Condition - Every item is 'Grade A' refurbished, meaning it's in near perfect condition.
  3. Tested - Every item is tested on a compatible system ensuring it's fully functional.
  4. Warranty - Every phone and piece of network equipment sold by Refurbished Phone Exchange includes a free one year warranty. There's no fine print to read. If your item is not in working order, we replace it and cover the shipping fees both ways!
  5. Inventory - Our 10,000 sq. ft. climate controlled warehouse allows us to stock and ship the items we sell. We carry phones, phone systems, modules and accessories from more than 40 of the top brands including Toshiba, Yealink, Vodavi, Plantronics, NEC, Netgear, HP, Inter-Tel, Mitel, Jabra, Iwatsu, Nortel, Bizfon, Aastra, etc.
  6. EOL – We stock legacy gear. These are products that have reached their "End-of-Life" and are no longer being manufactured and/or sold by the manufacturer. We stock these older items so your system and network can remain up and running!
  7. Shipping - Fast shipping!  Most orders are processed and shipped same day.  We also have expedited shipping available; from 3 day, to 2nd day and overnight!

What if I still prefer to buy a new business phone system or network equipment?

No worries! Refurbished Phone Exchange sells both new and refurbished  gear.  We do have customers who prefer to buy new, even if they have the opportunity to save money buying refurbished.  However, buying new isn't always possible for legacy equipment including Adtran, Cisco, Toshiba, and many other brands.  Those who are running phone systems that are more than 10-20 years old, aren't likely to find brand new replacement modules and parts, but that's where we come in.

Suppose your Adtran Atlas 550 T1 module burns out, it isn't easy to find a replacement - let alone a new conditioned module.  However, we have the item fully tested, refurbished, in-stock and ready to ship.  Need your item the next day?  No problem!  We understand the priority is getting your system up and running, which is why 99% of our orders ship the same day they're placed. 

 At Refurbished Phone Exchange, we can answer your technical questions and help you decide whether a new or refurbished phone system is right for you and your business.  Contact our office via phone at 1-800-957-3387, email at, or online chat so one of our friendly telecom consultants can assist you.

Buy With Confidence!

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