Toshiba DKT2010-SD Strata Digital Phone

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Toshiba DKT2010-SD Digital Phone Description:

The Toshiba DKT2010-SD is a 10 button programmable phone built for Toshiba Strata phone systems. The DKT2010-SD has a built in two line display with three soft keys. The soft keys allow access to additional key features not found on the phone. A full duplex speakerphone is built into the phone that allows for high quality conference calls. The phone's 10 programmable buttons allow for a wide configuration of options such as additional CO lines, extensions, or intercom keys added to the phone. The phone is compatible with Toshiba Strata CTX phone systems. The digital phone can be wall mounted and support a headset port through the use of a headset adapter card. The DKT2010-SD supports advanced features such as caller ID, auto attendant, and Voicemail.

Toshiba DKT2010-SD Features:

  • 10 Line or Feature Keys
  • LED Status Indicators
  • LCD Display
  • 3 Soft Keys
  • Full Duplex Speakerphone
  • 8 Fixed Feature Keys.
    • Message
    • Microphone
    • Speakerphone
    • Redial
    • Conference / Transfer
    • Hold
    • Volume Up
    • Volume Down


  • Toshiba DKT2010-SD Phone
  • Handset
  • New Line Cord
  • New Handset Cord
  • New Paper Designation Strip
  • New Plastic Designation Cover

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Ask a Question
  • can you hang this phone vertically on a wall?

    Yes, you can wall-mount this phone.  If you place an order with us, simply put "wall mounting" in the order notes and we'll configure the phone correctly prior to shipping.  

    The back of the phone needs to be rotated so it can be wall mounted vs being on your desk top.  There's also a tab on the back of the phone which snaps off and installs under the hookswitch.  This prevents the handset from falling off the wall.



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