Aastra 9110 Analog Phone (A1264-0000-10-05)

by Aastra


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Aastra 9110 Analog Phone Description:

The Aastra 9110 phone is an analog phone designed for use with multiple phone systems. The Aastra 9110 supports Centrex phone systems as well as traditional phone lines. With seven programmable keys, the Aastra 9110 is an impressive tool for even those on a limited budget. The Aastra 9110 also offers a speakerphone and draws all of it's power from the line.

Aastra 9110 Features:

  • Line Power
  • Works with Centrex
  • 7 Programmable Buttons
  • Speakerphone
  • Message Waiting Indicator

Each Aastra 9110 Includes:

  • Aastra 9110 Phone
  • Stand
  • Handset
  • New Handset Cord
  • New Line Cord

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