Adtran Total Access 750 850 Quad FXS Module 1175408L2

by Adtran


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Adtran Total Access Quad FXS Module 1175408L2 Description:

The Adtran 1175408L2 is a quad FXS port for a Total Access 750 / 850 gateway. The 1175408L2 offers four 2-wire analog FXS voice interfaces per module up to a total of 24 FXS ports. The 1175408L2 supports loop start, ground start, foreign exchange subscriber / Dial pulse originate (FXS/DPO), private line automatic ringdown (PLAR), and Ear and mouth (E&M) conversion modes.

The Quad FXS module supports v.90 modems and fax machines. The 1175408l2 features a ring voltage generator. The module can support distances of up to 16,000 feet at 24 gauge wire thickness. The quad fxs modules are hot swappable for maintaining circuit uptime.

Adtran 1175408L2 Features:

  • Provides four 2-wire analog FXS voice interfaces per module (up to 24 ports)
  • Supports Loop Start (LS), Ground Start (GS), Foreign Exchange Subscriber/Dial Pulse Originate (FXS/DPO), Private Line Automatic Ringdown (PLAR), and Ground Start/Loop Start to Ear and Mouth (E&M) conversion (tandem) modes
  • Supports V.90 modems and fax machines
  • Output ring voltage 97 to 115 Vrms, 5 REN per port
  • Supports distances of 16,000 feet at 24 gauge
  • 23 mA nominal look current
  • Hot swappable
  • Installs in any slot one through six


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