Adtran Atlas 550 Octal FXO Module 1200310L1

by Adtran


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Adtran Atlas 550 Octal FXO Module 1200310L1 product information.

The Adtran 1200310L1 provides 8 FXO analog 2-wire RJ-45 interfaces. These interfaces support loop start, ground start, and DPT options for establishing the circuit. Each FXO port can be mapped to individual DS0 circuits or dynamically switched based on a dial plan. The Octal FXO module (1200310L1) is compatible with all Adtran Atlas 550 gateways.

Adtran 1200310L1 Features:

  • Provides 8 FXO Trunk Interfaces
  • Supports Loop start, Ground start, and DPT
  • Can be used in any user interface module slot.

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