Adtran MX2800 Multiplexer Non-Redundant DC + Modem (4205290L3)

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Adtran MX2800 with Modem 4205290L3 Description:

The Adtran MX2800 Multiplexer combines 28 DS1 signals into a single channelized DS3 circuit. The multiplexer simplifies transmission of the circuit connections on the carrier side. The MX2800 provides hot swappable bays within the chassis offering support for redundant power supplies and redundant multiplexing. This is the non-redundant version of the MX2800. Only one MUX card and power supply is included.

The multiplexer card on the 4205290L3 includes a V.34 modem. The modem supports remote telnet access and dial-out cry for help to help alert to failures in an unmanned facility.

A DC power supply is inserted into this multiplexer. DC power is required to run this Adtran MX2800.

Adtran 4205290L3 Features:

  • Multiplexes 28 T1 Signals
  • Offers Channelized DS3 Connection
  • Offers Alarms for Critical Failures

4205290L3 MX2800 DS3 Bundle Includes the Following Parts:


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