Adtran Total Access 924e Single DSP 2nd Gen 4242924L5

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Adtran 924e Single DSP 2nd Gen 4242924L5 Description:

The Adtran 4242924L5 Total Access 924e (2nd Gen) is an IP business gateway solution for your business. The Adtran 4242924L5 includes features such as a SIP-gateway, firewall functionality, an IP router, VPN capability, and legacy capability for analog fax, phones, and modems.

True to its Total Access name, the gateway contains several ports and features that provide a multitude of connections. The 924e supports three T1 interfaces instead of the original 1. There are two Fast Ethernet interfaces in an Adtran 924e, 24 analog FXS ports are included for connecting legacy analog equipment. Lastly an FXO port is included to support emergency calling if PRI circuits and SIP trunks both go down. The Adtran 924e is perfect for companies wanting to slowly transition from analog to SIP, or for companies that want a multitude of connections to their network for redundancy.

The Adtran 4242924L5 version of the Total Access 924E only contains a single DSP (digital signal processor) module unlike the regular two DSP modules. This 924e supports three T1 network interfaces, one of which can be used for DSX-1 applications. The Dual DSP TA 924e can be found here.

Adtran 4242924L5 Features:

  • Three T1 network interfaces (One of the T1's can be configured for DSX-1 applications)
  • 24 FXS ports
  • 2 10/100 BaseT interfaces
  • 1 FXO interface
  • IP Router
  • Includes G.168 Echo Cancellation and support for G.711 and G.729a CODECs
  • Supports up to 48 simultaneous TDM to VoIP call conversions
  • Supports VoIP applications using SIP

Adtran 924e Router Features:

  • OSPF
  • BGP
  • RIP V1 and V2
  • Static routes
  • 802.1d Bridging (all protocols)
  • Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • FR
  • MLFR
  • PPP
  • MLPPP WAN Protocols
  • SNMP
  • Telnet
  • Craft/Console port
  • TFTP support
  • Stateful inspection firewall



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