Allworx 48X System 201-250 User Key License (8210049)

by Allworx


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Allworx 48X System 201-250 User Key Description:

The Allworx 201-250 User Key License adds an additional 50 users to your Allworx 48X system.  This expands your system from 200 users to 250.

Allworx 8210049 Features:

  • Compatibility: Allworx 48X
  • Expands a 48X System
  • Adds 50 Users
    • from 200 to 250

*Notice About Licensing:

We will need the MAC address to your Allworx system. We recommend you provide this information within the 'Special Instructions' note section of your shopping cart. However, if you don't we will simply contact you requesting the information - no need to worry.

*Allworx licensing is non-refundable.



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