Allworx Connect 536 and 530 Dual Language Support (8211414)

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Allworx 536 and 530 Dual Language Support Description:

The Allworx Connect 536 and 530 Dual Language Support license (8211414) allows you to add voice prompts and phone text in English plus one other language; Castilian Spanish or French Canadian.  You can set your system to play certain greetings based on the caller's geographic location, associate a specific DID with a select language, and much more.

Allworx 8211414 Features:

  • Compatibility: Allworx Connect 536 and 530
  • Multi-Language Support
    • Voice Prompts Include
      • Auto Attendant
      • Call Queue Greetings
      • Conference Center Greetings
      • Follow Me call routing
      • Message Center Greeting
      • Allworx Reach Link instructions
      • and other phone feature instructions
    • Phone Text Include
      • Text shown on phone screens
      • Instructions
      • Soft Keys
  • Press (#) Twice Anytime to Switch Language
  • Associate a Specific DID with a Select Language
  • Geographic Targeting for Incoming Calls
  • Two Languages at a time
    • English + One More Language
      • Castilian Spanish
      • French Canadian

*Notice About Licensing:

We will need the MAC address to your Allworx system. We recommend you provide this information within the 'Special Instructions' note section of your shopping cart. However, if you don't we will simply contact you requesting the information - no need to worry.

*Allworx licensing is non-refundable.



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