Avaya IP500 ATM4 Analog Trunk Card (700417405)

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Avaya IP500 ATM4 Analog Trunk Card Description:

Avaya IP500 ATM4 Analog Trunk Card (700417405) can be added to an IP500 DS8 card, IP500 Analogue Phone (2 or 8 port) card, or IP500 VCM card. Once added, it allows that card to also support 4 analogue loop-start trunks.

Avaya 700417405 Features:

  • Resolves issues with crosstalk which may occur between the vertically associated analog trunk ports (Ports 9/10 and Ports 11/12)
  • Provides 1 analogue V.32 modem (Not compatible with the IP412)
  • Also provides DTMF, caller ID (ICLID), busy tone detection
  • Adjustable echo cancellation - Select-able to Off, 8, 16, 32, 64, and 128 milliseconds
  • Power Failure Transfer - When fitted to an IP500 analog phone base card. During power failure, the first extension port (port 1) is connected to the first analog trunk (port 9)
  • Maximum - 4 per IP500 control unit


  • Can be fitted to any IP500 base card
  • The IP500 Analog Trunk Card 4 is compatible with these revisions of IPO software:
    • IP Office 6.1 - Must have a minimum software level of 6.1(20)
    • IP Office 7.0 - Must have a minimum software level of 7.0(12)
    • IP Office 8.0 or higher
  • The addition of an IP500 daughter trunk card is supported on IP500 Digital Station, IP500 Analogue Phone and IP500 VCM base cards. For those base cards that support daughter cards, there are no restrictions on the combination of card types.  However, in systems with both Analogue Phone 8 base cards and analogue trunk daughter cards it is recommended to combine both types as it provides analogue power failure support for 1 trunk or extension (Not applicable to the Analogue Phone 2 base card).


  • (1x) Avaya IP500 ATM4 Analog Trunk Card (700417405)


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