Bizfon BizTouch 3 BT3 Phone

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Please note if using Comcast: Comcast is known for 'surging' the line which burns out the BT3 phone's chipset. Any BT3 sent back for RMA with a burned chipset will have their warranty voided.

Bizfon BizTouch 3 BT3 Phone Description:

The Bizfon BizTouch3 BT3 phone is a high-quality speakerphone capable phone designed specifically for use with the Bizfon 680 Control Unit. The BizTouch3 phone features caller-ID display and message-waiting indicator light.  Our refurbished BizTouch 3 phones come configured in either Call or Line mode functionality. If you prefer one functionality over the other, please do not hestiate to contact us before ordering. The Bizfon BT3 requires the use of a BizTouch 3 power supply.

Bizfon BT3 Features:

  • Bizfon BT3 configured for Line Mode Functionality or Call Mode Functionality
  • One Touch Feature Access
  • Display with Caller ID


  • Bizfon BT3 Phone(Gray or Black)
  • Base
  • Handset
  • New Handset Cord
  • OPTIONAL: Power Supply


Ask a Question
  • We use Comcast and have a Bizfon 680 system, will this work?

    A Bizfon 680 phone system is required for the Bizfon BT3 phones to function.  However, Comcast is known to "surge" the line and blow the chip within the phones.  We have customers who never encounter this even with Comcast, and some who have experienced this multiple times.  We always give the disclaimer that if you're using Comcast you warranty will be voided if the chip is blown.



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