Comdial Impact 8312SJ-FB Digital Phone

by Comdial


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Comdial 8312SJ-FB Impact Description:

The Comdial 8312SJ-FB is a digital phone based on the Comdial Impact system. With 12 programmable buttons, the Impact 8312SJ is a highly customizable phone that can be configured to handle additional extensions or line appearances. A digital display has also been added to the phone that supports caller ID, digits dialed, and other key features. A speakerphone offers hands-free communication capabilities. The 8312SJ-FB includes a dedicated headset jack. If you do not require a headset jack, a Comdial 8312S-FB will work for you.

Comdial 8312SJ-FB Features:

  • 12 Programmable Keys
  • LED Status Indicators
  • 7 Speed Dial Keys
  • 2 Line Display
  • 3 Dynamic Soft Keys
  • Speakerphone
  • Headset Jack
  • Volume Adjustment
  • Adjustable Stand


  • Comdial 83212SJ-FB Impact Phone
  • Handset
  • New Line Cord
  • New Handset Cord
  • New Paper Designation Strip
  • New Plastic Designation Overlay


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