ESI 100 Communications Server Phone System (ESI-100)

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ESI 100 Communications Server Description:

The ESI-100 Communications Server is a phone system that supports both digital and IP phones.  The ESI-100 can be expanded as your business grows supporting up to 84 total stations.  The CS100 comes with the main chassis and NSP motherboard, you can add modules depending on your needs.

ESI-100 Features:

  • Supports Digital and IP
  • Voicemail (8 Ports / 140 Hours)
  • Music on Hold
  • Call Forwarding
  • Message Forwarding
  • Auto Attendant
    • Six Levels
    • 100 Branch
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Total Stations (max): 84
    • IP Stations (max): 72
    • Digital Stations (max): 48
    • Analog Stations (max): 28
  • Optional Features:
    • Bluetooth Voice Integration
    • Presence Management
    • VIP Applications
  • RS-232 Port


  • (1) ESI-100 Cabinet with NSP motherboard
  • Power Supply
  • OPTIONAL: Port Cards and Modules


Ask a Question
  • How many lines and stations does the NSP motherboard support

    There's no lines to extensions on the motherboard.  You would need line cards or digital extension cards for this.  As an example, you could install an E2 684 which supports six lines, eight digital extensions, and four analog ports.  They make a variety of cards and you can install an expansion cabinet to expand your capabilities (a few of the popular ones are listed below).

    E2 684 = 6 analog, 8 digital extensions, 4 analog
    E2 612 = 6 analog, 12 digital extensions
    E2 A4 = 4 analog



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