ESI 48 Key H DFP BL Backlit Digital Feature Phone (5000-0500)

by ESI


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ESI 48 Key H DFP Backlit Description:

The 48 Key digital feature phone (DFP) is a digital phone made by ESI Communications. The DFP 48 key is specifically made to be used on ESI's IVX series of phone systems as well as the ESI 50 and 100 communication systems. The DFP 48 Key features 30 programmable buttons, but can be expanded to 150 with the use of a pair of optional ESI 60 Key expansion consoles. In addition to the 30 programmable buttons, the DFP 48 key also features dedicated help, transfer, voicemail, and speakerphone keys. The ESI 48 key DFP has a three line LCD screen that displays Caller ID in addition to other context sensitive items.

The H DFP BL 48 key phone supports handsfree communications. This H DFP BL 48 key phone supports the use of a headset through a headset jack in addition to a half duplex speakerphone.

The 48 Key H DFP BL features a backlit display. The three line display on the phone is illuminated to make reading the screen more convenient at all levels of brightness.

ESI 48 Key H DFP Backlit Features:

  • 30 Programmable Buttons
  • 3 Line Backlit Display
  • Half Duplex Speakerphone
  • Headset Jack Included
  • Compatible with ESI 60 Key Expansion Consoles 


  • ESI 48 Key H BL DFP Phone
  • Handset
  • Phone Stand
  • New Line Cord
  • New Curly Cord
  • New Designation Paper / Plastic


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