ESI 60 Key Expansion Console (5000-0234)

by ESI


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ESI 60 Key Expansion Console Description:

The ESI 60 key expansion console is an add-on module specifically designed for ESI 48 key phones. The ESI 60 key expansion console is compatible with the X-Class, E-Class, and S-class phone systems. The 60 Key EC is especially useful to telephone operators or call center supervisors that need the ability to transfer to any phone extension with the press of a button. The ESI 60 add on module provides an additional 60 programmable feature keys over the 30 included with the 48 Key DFP. Each programmable key contains LED status indicators that let you know the status of the line at a glance.

ESI 60 Key Features:

  • 60 Programmable Buttons
  • Status LED Indicators
  • Adds Line or Call Appearances
  • One Button Transfer to Extensions


  • ESI 48 Key Feature Phones
    • IP and Digital
  • Phone Systems:
    • E-Class
    • S-Class
    • X-Class


  • ESI 60 Key Expansion Console
  • Two New Paper Designation Strip
  • Two New Plastic Overlays


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