Ingenico i6550 Credit Card Terminal

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Ingenico i6550 Credit Card Terminal Description:

Please note, the i6550 will not work at Sunoco Gas Stations. Please ask your merchant provider or bank prior to purchasing. A 20% restocking fee applies unless unit is defective.

The Ingenico 6550/i6550 credit card terminals are affordable payment terminals designed to use an intuitive touchscreen. The backlit touchscreen is used in conjunction with a stylus pen to select payment methods and capture signatures in one convenient place. The i6550 supports credit, debit, EBT, and gift card transactions, allowing merchants to accept a variety of transactions.

Both a magnetic stripe reader and a chip card reader have been built into the i6550 allowing the unit to be EMV compliant. In addition, the unit has various security certifications including being Visa PED compliant and can use 3DES (Triple DES) encryption. The i6550 supports two ways to connect to point of sale (pos) systems. The unit can connect through a serial cable or USB cable. Please be sure to select the correct option. Please verify terminal compatibility with your merchant prior to ordering.

Ingenico i6550 Features:

  • Card Readers: Magnetic and Chip
  • Touchscreen
  • EMV Compliant
  • Visa PED Compliant
  • 3DES Encryption Capable

Included with the Ingenico i6550:

  • i6550 Terminal
  • Base
  • Stylus
  • Power Supply
  • Connecting Cable: Serial or USB


Ask a Question
  • does it gone work in Valero Gas Station.????

    Any gas station should avoid purchasing the Ingenico i6550 because merchant providers will have to load their software/firmware onto the credit card terminal.  If you're a gas station we recommend you contact your merchant provider/services and order the i6550 from them.



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