Nortel T7316E Digital Phone

by Nortel


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Nortel T7316E Digital Phone Description:

The Nortel T7316E is a display phone designed for Norstar and Business Communication Manager phone systems. The T7316E supports up to 10 lines on the phone, with 24 programmable memory buttons. 16 of those programmable buttons include an LCD indicator plus integrated busy lamp field.

The 7316E provides a two line, 16 character display with three keys for additional dynamic screen options. A headset jack has been built into the phone for handsfree calling.

Nortel T7316E Features:

  • Display:
    • Tilting
    • Two line by 16 characters
    • Caller ID
  • Programmable Buttons:
    • 24 buttons
    • 16 with LCD indicator and busy lamp field
  • Up to 10 lines supported
  • Integrated headset jack


  • Nortel T7316E Phone
  • Stand
  • Handset
  • New Line Cord
  • New Handset Cord
  • Paper and Plastic Desis


Ask a Question
  • When dealing with business phones how will I know which phones I need? Do all phones work the same way?

    No, not all phones work the same way.  Most of the phones we sell require a certain phone system.  Generally speaking, each brand of phone system has a series or compatible phones.  The Nortel T7316E is designed for the Nortel Norstar system.  If you don't have this phone system, the phone will not work.  You should reach out to your phone provider, or the person who manages your phones, to ask which phones are compatible.  If you don't have a phone system it's likely you're using analog - which is like your standard home phone or what an old fax machine uses.



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