Polycom Soundstation 2 Non-Expandable Conference Phone 2201-16000-001

by Polycom


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Polycom SoundStation 2 Conference Phone Description:

The Polycom SoundStation 2 is an analog conference phone built around three equidistant microphones. The microphones have been upgraded over the original SoundStation microphones to be 50% more sensitive. Combined with Polycom's Dynamic Noise Reduction, the Polycom SoundStation 2 provides crystal clear audio through a boardroom.

The 2201-16000-001 comes with a graphical display that provides critical features such as caller ID. A 25 entry phone book is included with the phone accessed through the display and navigational menu. Three soft keys are built into the display to provide access to key features. The expandable version of the Polycom SoundStation 2 is the 2201-16200-601.

Polycom 2201-16000-001 Features:

  • Full Duplex Speakerphone
  • Acoustic Clarity Technology
  • Dynamic Noise Reduction
  • Display
  • Three Soft Keys
  • Caller ID
  • Three Microphones

Line Type:

  • Analog


  • (1) Polycom Soundstation 2 Non-Expandable Conference Phone 2201-16000-001
  • Power Supply 2201-16020-601
  • New Line Cord
  • New Ethernet Cord



Ask a Question
  • Can this phone be used on a single line phone?

    This Polycom is a stand-alone analog unit.  As long as it's connected to an available analog port it will work, but that rarely means connecting it to another single line phone (some phones do have aux analog port).  It may sound a bit confusing so to put it in simpler terms no, this phone cannot be used on a single line phone... but CAN be used as a single line phone.

  • I'm new at buying one of these even though I've used them at work a long time. Are there limits as to how many can call in, or proximity people have to be in the room? I remember sometimes that was a problem. I conduct live meetings through web conference and audio is always terrible so I'm trying to upgrade to computer for video and this for call-in audio.

    This is a single line phone, however, many customers use GoToMeeting or like service which manages the conference call.  Therefore, the only limit to how many users can call in would be set by the conference organizer, not the phone itself.  If you are not using a service like GoToMeeting, you have to conference a third party into the conversation by hitting the "conference" button on the phone.  As for the proximity of people in the room, we recomend no more then 15 feet away othewise it can be difficult for the caller to hear you.   There is an expandable version of this conference phone, which allows you to add "expandable" microphones thus extending the range of the unit.  Each mic has a 6 foot minimum cable that connects to a port under the phone (two mics can be connected per unit max).  These mics add the range needed for larger conference rooms so everyone can be heard.  If you're inerested you can view our Polycom SoundStation 2 Expandable Conference phone and see if this is a better fit.  The micrphones are optional, so you can order the conference phone first and mics later.   As long as you're aware this is an analog conference phone, meaning it has to connect to an analog port like your standard home phone or fax machine, it should work out great for you.  There are USB versions that connect to your PC - so please check your compatibility needs.



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