ShoreTel IP400 Series Wall Mounts (420, 480, 485G)

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ShoreTel 400 Series Wall Mount Description:

The ShoreTel IP400 series wall mounts are designed to securely mount your phone on the wall.  This is a popular option for break rooms, warehouses, and other locations where a desktop base is not ideal. 

The ShoreTel IP420 has a different mount than the 480 series.  The IP480, 480G and 485G all share the same wall mount.

Please Note:  If you have the older ShoreTel IP phones such as the 100, 200 or 500 series - please visit our ShoreTel Wall Mount for IP Phones page.

ShoreTel Wall Mount Compatibility:

Option 1 (420 Series):

Option 2 (480 Series):

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