Toshiba DKT3010-S Strata Digital Phone

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Toshiba DKT3010-S Strata Digital Phone Description:

The Toshiba DKT3010-S is a 10 button programmable digital key telephone for Strata phone systems. The DKT3010-S features a full duplex speakerphone for high quality conference calls. Additional fixed feature keys such as message, hold, and redial help give the DKT3010-S additional capabilities. The 10 programmable buttons of the phone allow for CO lines, extensions, intercoms, or other features to be programmed into the phone for one touch access.

Toshiba DKT3010-S Features:

  • 10 Programmable Keys
  • Speakerphone
  • Fixed Feature Keys

Included with the Toshiba DKT Phone:

  • DKT3010-S Phone
  • Handset
  • New Handset Cord
  • New Paper Designation Strip
  • New Plastic Designation Overlay

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