Adtran Atlas 550 4200305L3 Inverse Multiplexer 4 T1 HSSI/V.35

by Adtran


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Adtran Atlas 550 4 T1 HSSI/V.35 Inverse Multiplexer 4200305L3 Description:

The Adtran Atlas 550 Inverse Multiplexer (4200305L3) takes a HSSI interface and converts it back to 4 T1 interfaces. This multiplexer has been designed to provide stable multiplexing support in point to point applications.

Please note this chassis supports point-to-point applications only. T1 ports on the NxT1 HSSI/V.35 Module can only be used to direct bandwidth to the HSSI/V.35 interface. V.35 DTE interface supported with NxT1 V.35 Adapter Cable (1200763L1) 

Adtran 4200305L3 Features:

  • Provides Four T1 interfaces
  • Provides Single HSSI/V.35 interface

Each Atlas 550 Inverse Multiplexer (4200305L3) Includes:

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