Adtran Atlas 550 Nx56/64 IMUX Bonding Module 1200326L1

by Adtran


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Adtran Atlas 550 Nx56/64 IMUX BONDING Module 1200326L1 Description:

The Adtran 1200326L1 user resource module performs BONDING Mode 1 compliant inverse multiplexing in increments of 56/64 Kbps. Module provides 2.048 Mbps of BONDING capacity that can be utilized for one IMUX session at 2.048 Mbps, four IMUX sessions at 512K, or multiple IMUX sessions of varying bandwidth. The Adtran 1200326L1 is compatible with all Adtran Atlas 550 gateways.

Adtran 1200326L1 Features:

  • Performing BONDING Mode 1 for DS0 channels.
  • Provides up to DS1 BONDING capacity
  • Does not present any physical interfaces and is a plug-on board for all user interface modules and the resource host module.

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