Adtran Atlas 550 NxT1 HSSI Module 1200346L1

by Adtran


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Adtran Atlas 550 NxT1 HSSI Module 1200346L1 Description:

The Adtran 1200346L1 user interface module provides four T1 ports and one HSSI interface for high-speed data applications. The 1200346L1 can aggregate bandwidth for 2 to 8 T1s into a single logical channel on the HSSI interface. Module supports point-to-point applications only and the T1 ports on the module can only be used to direct bandwidth to the HSSI interface. The 1200346L1 is compatible with Adtran Atlas 550 gateways.

Adtran 1200346L1 Features:

  • Can be used in any user interface module slot.

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