Adtran Atlas 800 Series 16-Channel Voice Compression Module 1200221L2

by Adtran


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Atlas 800 Series 16-Channel Voice Compression Module 1200221L2 Description:

The Adtran 1200221L2 is a 16 channel voice compression module for Atlas 800 series gateways. The 1200221L2 supports G.723.1 compression on sixteen B-channels from a T1 or PRI circuit. With 6:1 compression ratio compared to traditional G.711 conversations, the 1200221L2 can support up to an extra 80 calls across the 16 channels (96 total). The Adtran 1200221L2 supports fax detection to prevent fax messages from being compressed with G.723.1.

Adtran 1200221L2 Features:

  • G.723.1 compression protocol
  • 6:1 compression ratio (six voice calls on a single DS0)
  • Compresses analog voice calls directed from channelized T1, BRI, or PRI
  • Compatible with ATLAS 550 and Express 5200 Series Voice Compression Modules
  • Supported in 800 PLUS, ATLAS 810 PLUS, ATLAS 830, and ATLAS 890


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