Adtran Atlas 800 Series NxT1 HSSI/V.35 Module 1200771L1

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Adtran Atlas 800 Series NxT1 HSSI/V.35 Module 1200771L1 Description:

The Adtran 1200771L1 is a T1 aggregator for the Atlas 800 series of integrated access devices. The NxT1 module can aggregate two to eight T1 circuits into a single channel on the HSSI / V.35 interface. The Atlas 800 NxT1 aggregator supports point to point applications. The 1200771L1 includes four T1 ports and a HSSI interface. The HSSI interface can draw bandwidth from multiple T1 channels or a single T3. The T1 interfaces on the 1200771L1 are not configurable and are only able to be used with the HSSI interface.

Adtran 1200771L1 Features:

  • Aggregates bandwidth for two to eight T1s into a single logical channel on the HSSI/V.35 interface
  • Supports point-to-point applications
  • Includes four T1 ports and one HSSI
  • Bandwidth for the HSSI interface can come from individual T1s or a T3
  • T1 ports on the module can only be used to direct bandwidth to the HSSI interface
  • Supported in ATLAS 800 PLUS, 810PLUS, 830, and 890 chassis
  • V.35 DTE interface supported using optional adapter cable (1200763L1)


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