Adtran MX2820 1186003L2 System Controller Unit 1186003

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Adtran MX2820 1186003L2 System Controller Unit 1186003 Description:

The Adtran MX2820 System Controller Unit 1186003 (MPN: 1186003L2) is a slot card designed as the controller unit for the Adtran MX2820 multiplexer. The 1186003L2 is designed to run at 24 volts, and is set up to be the processor in your multiplexer. The MX2820 SCU 1186003L2 can provision everything on your system, including IP, security, and console settings.

Adtran MX2820 1186003L2 System Controller Unit 1186003 Features:

  • Manages RJ-45 10/100Base-T Ethernet port for SNMP, TFTP, Telnet, and SSH access
  • Interbank communications capability to address multiple shelves with a single IP via an RS-485 daisy chain communication link between shelves
  • One IP address per shelf
  • X.25 capability for TL1 sessions
  • Four simultaneous Telnet or SSH logins
  • Manages DB-9 RS-232 interface for an asynchronous craft interface
  • Supports flash upgrades via TFTP and YModem
  • Displays Activity (ACT) and Alarm (ALM) status via front panel LEDs
  • Maintains system alarm logs
  • Allows manual suppression of active alarms by pressing the front panel Alarm Cutoff (ACO) switch
  • Supports three auxiliary inputs from wire-wrap posts on the backplane
  • Supports cadenced alarm signal from the MX2820 fan unit on AUX3 input
  • Power A/B detection
  • Controls common, normally open, and normally closed relay contacts for Critical, Major, and Minor alarms
  • NEBS Level 3, UL 60950, GR-1089-CORE compliant
  • Operates over temperature range of -40°C to +50°C (no fans), -40°C to +65°C (with fans)
  • Derives power from redundant VDC supplied to the shelf


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