Adtran NetVanta 1202843E1 Octal T1/E1 Wide Module

by Adtran


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Adtran NetVanta 1202843E1 Octal T1/E1 Wide Module Description:

The Adtran NetVanta 1202843E1 is a wide network interface module that provides eight full or fractional T1 or E1 interfaces. The 1202843E1 provides 8 RJ-48 interfaces that can be selected between T1 or E1 ports. The 1202843E1 supports T1/E1 aggregation using MLPPP or MLFR. Up to 24 or 30 DS0 connections can be handled per interface. The Adtran 1202843E1 can be used for aggregating multiple T1 circuits together. The ports on the Adtran 1202843E1 can be independently configured and any of the ports can act as the timing source. As a wide module, the Octal T1 / E1 fits in only a few select Adtran NetVanta routers. These special wide module slots support high bandwidth cards such as the 1202843E1.

Adtran 1202843E1 Features:

  • Provides 8 T1/E1 Interfaces
    • Full or Fractional
  • Supports T1/E1 Aggregation
    • MLPP
    • MLFR

Adtran 1202843E1 Compatibility:


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