Adtran NetVanta Dual T1/FT1 NIM (1202872L1)

by Adtran


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Adtran NetVanta Dual T1 / FT1 1202872L1 Description:

This Adtran 1202872L1 Dual T1 Network Interace Module -- NIM -- is for the Adtran NetVanta 3200, the NetVanta 3205, the Adtran 4305, and other Adtran routers. The Adtran 1202872L1 is the first generation dual T1 card. This module terminates 2 T1's.

The dual T1/FT1 Network Interface Module (NIM) for NetVanta 3000 series and NetVanta 4305 Access Routers and NetVanta 1335 Multiservice Access Router. Note: Only 1 Dual T1 NIM is supported in the NetVanta 3305. NetVanta 4305 will support 2 Dual T1 NIMs.

Adtran 1202872L1 Features:

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