Adtran NetVanta T1 FT1 DSX-1 Module 1202863L1

by Adtran


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Adtran NetVanta T1 FT1 DSX-1 Module 1202863L1 Description:

The Adtran 1202863L1 is a network interface module that connects an Adtran NetVanta router to a T1 circuit. The 1202863L1 module can terminate a full or fractional T1 circuit. The T1 module has a DSX-1 interface for drop-off voice traffic to a phone system. The 1202863L1 is the second generation Adtran T1 module. The T1 module can be used in several different Adtran routers including the Adtran 3200, 3205, 3305, 3430, and 4305 routers. Integrated CSU and DSU are built into the Adtran 1202863l1 for circuit integrity.

Adtran 1202863L1 Features:

  • Terminates a Single T1 Circuit
  • Supports Full or Fractional T1
  • Integrated CSU / DSU
  • RJ-48C Connectors
  • DSX-1 Port


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