Adtran Total Access 924 2nd Gen 4212924L2

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Adtran Total Access 924 2nd Gen 4212924L2 Description:

The Adtran Total Access 924 is a an IP business gateway designed to be completely versatile. The 924 comes with multiple connection types for the ability to configure a diverse network. The 4212924L1 includes a fast Ethernet Base-T port, a WAN T1 interface, DSX-1 Port, 16 analog FXS ports, and 8 FXO trunks all combined with an IP router and firewall. With so many services available, the Adtran 924 can be configured to do several jobs for your company. A SIP gateway is even built into the system allowing a company to use older analog equipment attached to the FXS ports as SIP devices.

The 4212924L2 is a special version of the Adtran Total Access 924. This gateway comes with 16 FXS ports and 8 FXO trunks instead of the 24 FXS ports of the second generation 4212924L1. The 4212924L2 is a second generation version of the Adtran Total Access 924. The second generation includes various updates such as the ability to support up to 4 T.38 sessions, an extra 16MB of flash memory, an increased echo-tail length cancellation to 64ms, and the ability to support MGCP.

Adtran Total Access 924 Features:

  • T1 network interface
  • 16 FXS ports
  • 8 FXO trunks
  • DSX-1 port
  • 10/100 BaseT
  • IP Router
  • Stateful Inspection Firewall
  • Includes G.168 Echo Cancellation and support for G.711 and G.729a CODECs
  • Supports VoIP applications using SIP




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