ESI IVX DP1 16 Key Display Phone

by ESI


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ESI IVX DP1 16 Key Display Phone Description:

The ESI IVX DPI 16 Key phone is a digital phone designed by ESI. A legacy phone, these digital phones are designed to work on ESI's older phone systems: the IVX 20, IVX 20 Plus, and IVX 128. The IVX DP1 has 16 programmable buttons, an LCD screen, and a half duplex speakerphone. In addition the IVX DP1 has fixed keys for park, hold, mute, conference, flash, redial, redial, release, do not disturb, and transfer. The ESI DP1 is a powerful phone, allowing users to program their system directly from the phone. LED status indicator lights alert users to the status of lines and extensions.

ESI IVX DP1 16 Key Display Phone Features:

  • 16 Programmable buttons
  • Voicemail message indicator
  • Half Duplex Speakerphone

ESI IVX DP1 Compatibility:

The phone is compatible with the following phone systems:

  • ESI IVX 20
  • ESI IVX 20 Plus
  • ESI IVX 128
  • ESI IVX 128 Plus


  • ESI DP1 16 Key Phone
  • Handset
  • New Curly cord
  • Designation Strip / Plastic


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