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What Are the Differences Between ESI IVX Phone Systems?

Posted by Rick Torres on

ESI is an American manufacturer of phone systems, which was founded back in 1987.  Over the past 28 years ESI has released several different models of phone systems.  Many of these systems begin with "ESI IVX", IVX standing for "integrated voice exchange".  This brings us back to the topic of our blog... so what's the differences between all the IVX phone systems? ESI IVX Classic: This phone system is not actually called the IVX Classis. Rather, this is the colloquial name given to the system which is simply known as the ESI IVX. The system only works with the EKT-A...

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The Vertical Edge 700 VS The Vodavi IP 7024D

Posted by Jeff Csisar on

The Vertical Edge 700 (VW-E700-24) is an IP based phone purpose built for the Vertical Wave IP and MBX IP business phone systems. These are Vodavi’s enterprise and large business phone systems. The Vertical Edge 700 is a backlit phone with a 3 line display. This IP phone has a speakerphone, a headset jack, 24 programmable keys, dual color LED status indicators for every programmed key, an adjustable LCD, and numerous other features. The Vodavi IP 7024D is purpose built for the Vodavi XTS and Vertical SBX phone systems. These systems are meant for smaller businesses. The IP 7024D...

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