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Creating an Open Standards VoIP Community – Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

Posted by Jeff Csisar on

Session Initiation Protocol, commonly referred to as SIP, is a protocol commonly used in the voice over IP (VoIP) community. The session initiation protocol creates, maintains, and ends data transmission between two or more parties for an established data media stream of voice or video. What SIP does not do is transmit the media stream itself. SIP works in conjunction with another protocol such as real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) or Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) to deliver the actual data. Why SIP is important is that SIP is the most common open standards protocol for establishing phone calls. Many telecom...

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Difference between analog, digital, and IP telephony

Posted by Rick Torres on

Those small businesses and sole proprietors who are responsible for choosing their own phone systems often run into some confusion when it comes to analog, digital, and IP technologies. This article will explain the basics about each technology and allow you to choose the most appropriate phone system for your business with more confidence. Analog telephony, or POTS Analog telephony, also known as POTS, stands for plain old telephone service and uses the narrow RJ-11 plug to support your standard phone, fax machine and modem. Analog technology works by translating audio (your voice) into electronic pulses. Analog is most likely...

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Three Reasons Why You Should Use an Open Source PBX System

Posted by Jeff Csisar on

In 1999, Asterisk PBX was released to the world. Since then, many improvements have been made in the world of open source PBX solutions. Telecommunications no longer has to be an expensive part of your company’s operation budget. Choices like FreePBX allow for a fully functioning phone system without the expensive costs of licensing.   3) Choose From a Greater Selection of Phones With an open source system, you’re not tied down to one company’s line of phones. These systems support multiple types of phones including Aastra, Cisco, and Snom.  With an open source system, you can shop for the...

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