The Aastra 6757i is now Mitel

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The Aastra 675xi is no more...

Mitel-Aastra has officially discontinued the 675xi series of IP phones. These phones were SIP based IP phones compatible with Asterisk based phone systems and AastraLink phone systems. The Aastra 57i and other phones in the series became synonymous with high quality programmable phones for SIP based phone systems. On October 7, 2014 the 675xi series was officially discontinued.


The Replacement...

The replacement series of phones will be the Aastra 686xi phones. The two phones being originally released in the series are the 6865i and the 6867i IP phones. These phones will maintain the same great SIP interoperability the Aastra line has become famous for.  These new phones will however not support the AastraLink phone systems.

Those wishing to purchase the now discontinued Aastra 6753i, 6755i, and 6757i phones should look into purchasing refurbished Aastra phones on the secondary market.

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