The Differences Between the Toshiba DK424i and CIX 670 Phone Systems

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The Toshiba DK424i and Toshiba CIX 670 phone systems look identical to the average user, and indeed they are the same physical cabinet with different internal modules. The Toshiba DK424i was released the year prior to the official release of the CIX 670, and was meant to be a stop gap release before the unveiling of the CIX 670.

Toshiba DK424i System

The Toshiba DK424i has little to do with the original DK424 phone system. The Toshiba Dk424i can use several of the same cards as the original DK series of chassis, including the PIOUS and IMDU cards. The system requires a dedicate DK424i and DK424i sub processor to operate. Older DK series processors will not work with the system.


Toshiba CIX670 Phone System

Toshiba CIX 670 System

The Toshiba CIX 670 system is the newer release. The CIX 670 takes advantage of newer technology including the ability to use IP phones from the 5000 series. In addition, the DP5000 series phones can be used with the phone system. This phone system uses modular cards that are compatible with the rest of the CIX product line including the CIX100 and CIX200.



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