Three Reasons Why You Should Use an Open Source PBX System

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In 1999, Asterisk PBX was released to the world. Since then, many improvements have been made in the world of open source PBX solutions. Telecommunications no longer has to be an expensive part of your company’s operation budget. Choices like FreePBX allow for a fully functioning phone system without the expensive costs of licensing.


3) Choose From a Greater Selection of Phones

With an open source system, you’re not tied down to one company’s line of phones. These systems support multiple types of phones including Aastra, Cisco, and Snom.  With an open source system, you can shop for the phone that best suits your needs and budget without having to worry about compatibility. Most SIP phones will work on these systems.


2) Expand Your Network Easily and Quickly

Your company has just hired a new employee. You've set up their PC, Outlook, and are finishing up the phone installation. The only problem is, you don’t have the licensing on your 30 user system for a 31st employee. With an open source system, you never need to worry about licensing restrictions. Quickly and easily create a new extension on your PBX.


1) Save Thousands of Dollars

The most important reason for many of the businesses we sell to. Good networking and telecom equipment doesn't need to be expensive. That brand new Allworx PBX you’ll pay $6,000 on will depreciate to less than $1,000 in a year. That is not the makings of a wise investment for a company. If you’re not purchasing a refurbished phone system, one should look into open source systems. The software is capable on running on even modest PCs, and when paired up with an affordable PoE switch, you can make a VoIP system that works on any budget.

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