3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Power Over Ethernet Networking Switch

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Power over Ethernet, also known as PoE, is a standard of transmitting power from a switch through the RJ45 wire to an end point device. PoE commonly powers phones, access points, and IP cameras. While PoE switches tend to be more expensive than traditional switches, there are still plenty of affordable PoE switches available refurbished. Here are three reasons why you should buy a power over Ethernet switch for your next networking install.


3) Reduce Your Energy Costs

Power Over Ethernet is a more efficient standard than supplying every end point device with electricity. Every power injector converts p

ower from AC to DC. All these conversions cost real electricity lost to inefficiency. Companies are better off reducing their costs by combining all of this into a single power supply
 on the switch. As their switch is already converting power, little more electrical waste is generated in a PoE switch. In a green conscious company, this can significantly reduce their carbon footprint while saving monthly on electrical costs.


2) Power Over Ethernet Is a Universal Standard

One of Power over Ethernet’s biggest advantages over other solutions is the fact it is a universal standard. There are 3 classes of PoE and most switches will support all 3 classes without a hitch. Unlike power supplies which can have different input voltages, and different output voltages and amprage, PoE supplies the same constant power. It also uses the same standard cabling to run to any PoE compatible end device. Cat 5 cable is a universal standard already in networking, and is most likely what you are using to install your network. The simplicity of PoE’s universal standard makes it an attractive way to set up a network.


1) Save Money By Using Power Over Ethernet

While PoE switches cost more upfront, they will help your company save money in the long run. The Dell Powerconnect 6248P is a 48 port PoE switch that allows power to be carried over all 48 ports. This kind of versatility allows you to save hundreds of dollars off the cost of power supplies. Inter-Tel 48V power supplies can cost over $50 dollars apiece. The price of the power supplies alone would be more than the cost of the switch itself. By consolidating power to the switch, you save from having to purchase power injectors.

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