4 Reasons to Buy Refurbished Phone Systems and Network Switches

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As small businesses return to normal after the ‘Great Recession’ of 2008, they look to cut costs and get more from their budget. This is even truer for a company’s IT or telecom budget since traditionally these assets do not earn a business additional revenue. Many businesses remain concerned about the quality of refurbished products, however, and are hesitant to purchase items that are often sold at a substantial discount from retail.

We here at Refurbished Phone Exchange want to convince you that refurbished phones and switches are a great deal for your business. 


1) The Product You Need May Not Be Sold By the Manufacturer Anymore

This is one of the most common reasons people come to us looking for products. Your company invested thousands of dollars into an Allworx Phone System not even 6 years ago for them to discontinue support for your product. The dealer you bought the system from tells you that the product is no longer sold and your perfectly usable system is now outdated and needs to be upgraded. 

Why spend thousands of dollars on a new system when you can replace an Allworx 9212 phone or a Shoretel SG 40/8 voice switch for substantially cheaper. When you need a product quickly to fix a down system, buying refurbished with a warranty can be quicker than trying to hunt down the last new in box model on the internet.


2) Get Better Service and Information From an Unbiased Source

When you’re buying new from a manufacturer’s dealer, you’re not getting the full knowledge of what is available on the market for you. Why trust a business that only sells ESI Phones and phone systems to tell you that a Bizfon 680 might better suit your business needs? Refurbished Phone Exchange has no ties to any manufacturer and will work with you to make sure you end up with the right system for your company.

We offer warranties on everything we sell and strive to provide the best customer service we can. Since we handle the products every day, we are actively familiar with the products we sell.


3) You’re Buying a Tested and Proven Product Line When You Purchase Refurbished

Most times when you buy a refurbished product, you’re getting one that has been on the market a few years. The phones and switches have had enough time to demonstrate any problems they might have. When you buy a switch like the Dell Powerconnect 6248P, you know you’re getting a reliable Power-over-Ethernet network switch.

Why rush to purchase a product when you have no idea how it will perform. By waiting a few years you can avoid making costly purchasing mistakes.


4) Save Thousands Off of Retail Prices

The biggest reason for many companies to purchase refurbished is quite simply the cost. You save thousands of dollars on phone systems while maintaining a high level of quality. Many times customers will have trouble distinguishing refurbished like new phones from the brand new factory sealed products.


There are many reasons why a company would purchase a refurbished piece of telecom gear; we hope we've given you a reason to with this post.

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