3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Plug-and-Play Phone System for Your Small Business

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With so many options appearing on the market today, it can be hard to figure out what phone system is right for your company. From traditional analog phones to SIP trunking and VoIP phone configurations, there are so many possibilities today that you might think you need to hire a professional installer just to get anything more than a simple phone going.

Companies in this situation should look at plug-and-play phone systems. While there are many advantages to these systems, here are three reasons why I recommend digital phones to small businesses.

1)      Plug-and-Play Phone Systems Come at an Attractive Price

When phone systems can cost thousands of dollars just for the server, and PoE switches can cost your business another few hundred dollars, any chance to save money is a welcome opportunity. This is doubly true for start-ups. Phones that include power supplies or run off of power from the

 phone line can save your company hundreds of dollars.  

The phone systems themselves also tend to be cheaper.  The Bizfon 680 can be had for significantly less than other PBXs, with a cost of just $499 with free shipping. The phones are also much cheaper than other proprietary systems. The BizTouch 2 is just $45 with free shipping and comes with a power supply to enable speakerphone. With features like a liquid crystal display (LCD) and a message waiting indicator, the Bizfon BT2 has all the features your business needs to get started today.

2)      Get Your System Up and Running Faster

With minimal steps required to get a plug-and-play system running, your business can have a fully functional PBX in an afternoon. The speed with which these devices can be programmed for your needs means that you spend less time configuring the phone and more time running your business.

3)      Ease of Maintenance and Reduce Troubleshooting Time

Plug and Play phone systems have a huge advantage over traditional phone systems in the time and cost it takes to troubleshoot any problem that might arise. By not having to call in an outside vendor to come take a look at the problem, your business can get started right away fixing your phone system.  The simpler menus and limited options offered by plug-and-play PBXs mean that less can go wrong and less maintenance is required. This means no having to keep tracking of your licensing, no setting up IPs for phones and making sure the phones match the systems configuration.


With plug-and-play Phone Systems you really can just plug-and-work.

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