The Advantages of the Plantronics Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) Cable

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Plantronics EHS APC-41 Cable 38350-11 New

The Plantronics Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) cable is an add on cable for Plantronics’ wireless headsets that enables remote answer of phone calls away from the desk. With the Plantronics EHS cables, users can answer a call even if they’re not at their desk. Without an EHS cable, users would have to answer the call from the phone or use an HL-10 handset lifter.

EHS Cables Compared to HL10 Lifters

The Plantronics EHS cables do the same job as Plantronics HL10 lifters, but they go about it in very different ways. Where the HL10 works through physically lifting a phone’s handset to answer a call, the EHS cable works electronically by sending a signal to the phone’s circuitry to answer the call. Without the need to mechanically lift a handset, this means the EHS cable can be sleeker and smaller than an HL10, and best of all does not need to be adhesively stuck to the side of your phone! Keep your phone clean and need in appearance by using the EHS cable.

The Plantronics HL10 does have its place, however. The Plantronics HL10 works with older wireless headsets, including the Plantronics CS50 and Plantronics CS55. The EHS cables only work on the newer CS500 series and Savi 700 series of handsets. Second, the EHS cables have specific APC codes that only work on a specific type of phone. So if you have an Allworx phone or Altigen phone, you will find your phone does not have a compatible cable for use, meaning you will need to use the HL10 regardless of the wireless headset you’re using.

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