Clearing Extensions On Your Bizfon 680 Phone System

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Clearing and resetting extensions on your Bizfon 680 is a simple task. Often when a used Bizfon 680 is received, someone will need to clear out the last person’s information. To do this, you’ll need your Bizfon 680 plugged in and booted up along with a Bizfon BizTouch 2 or BizTouch 3 phone.


If using a BizTouch 2 phone:

  • Dial 7 to enter settings.               

If using a BizTouch 3 phone:

  • Press setup on your phone.

Your Bizfon 680 will ask you to enter the extension you wish to program. Enter extension 200 for general settings. If you have a password on your general settings you’ll need to enter the password at this time. Once you are in, you can press 1 to manage extensions. Pressing 2 will enter the reset extension menu. From here, dialing the number of the extension will reset this extension.


Please note: Resetting extensions deletes all voice mail messages and greetings saved to an extension. Make sure this information is no longer needed before clearing it.


Do this for any and all extensions you need to reset. When you are done, simply hang up your phone to close the menu. The next time you pick up a phone at that extension you’ll be prompted to set up the extension as if your system was brand new.


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