HHEU and BHEU1A Headset Adapters For Toshiba DKT Phones

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Have you ever wanted to connect a headset to your older Toshiba digital telephone? Most Toshiba phones do not come with a headset port that you can easily use. Instead, optional cards were sold for these phones that allowed a headset port to be installed.

Toshiba HHEU and BHEU1A modules are add on cards designed for Toshiba’s DKT (Digital Key Telephones) series of telephones. These modules are required in order to use headsets with your Toshiba phones. They are installed into the phone by opening up the phone and attaching them to the motherboard. The BHEU1A or HHEU cable is attached as a jumper on the motherboard.

WARNING: You will need to break the connection of the jumper in order to install the HHEU and if you go to remove the adapter afterwards your phone will no longer function. Please keep this in mind when installing these headset adapters.


Each Toshiba headset adapter is designed for a specific version of these Toshiba phones:


  • Toshiba DKT 2000 Series


  • Toshiba DKT 3000 Series
  • Toshiba DKT 3200 Series

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