What Is the Difference Between the ShoreTel 230 and 230G?

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Shoretel 230G Gigabit IP Phone

The ShoreTel 230 and 230G are IP phones specially designed for the ShoreGear phone system. These phones operate on the MGCP protocol unlike most traditional SIP phones. Regardless, the phones are full of features such as a graphical display, full duplex speakerphone, and support for the G.722 HD audio codec.


As similar as the ShoreTel 230G is to the ShoreTel 230, they are not the same phone. The ShoreTel 230G is a Gigabit phone. What this means is that the integrated Ethernet switch on a ShoreTel 230G can transfer data at speeds up to 1 Gbps. This ‘Gig’ switch is up to ten times faster than the traditional 10/100 Ethernet switch found in the ShoreTel 230.


So the ShoreTel 230G is a better phone?

Not Necessarily. The ShoreTel 230G requires a Gigabit speed network all the way to your desktop in order to receive actual Gigabit speed. If anyone of your routers, switches, or hubs is fast Ethernet (10/100), you won’t receive the benefit of Gigabit to the desktop. And if you’re not even using the network switch on your ShoreTel phone, it doesn’t matter how fast it is!X

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