Connecting Crestron Room Controllers – Cresfiber and 8G DM Cables

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Crestron AV2 Audio Video Control Processor

For those looking to connect room controllers to their Crestron AV2 control processors, there are two options available depending on what you as a customer requires. 8G DM cables and Cresfiber are the two main options for connecting DigialMedia components together.


8G DM Copper:

8G DM is a shielded twist pair Ethernet cable created by Crestron. The cable can come in Plenum or Non-plenum variations. The cables are designed for complete end to end Crestron solutions, but can be substituted for traditional cat 5e or cat 6 wiring.


CresFiber, also called DM 8G Fiber is fiber optic cable meant for longer distance runs of Crestron AV equipment. Cresfiber comes in multiple versions from the single mode, plenum based CRESFIBER8G-SM-P to multi-mode, non-plenum CRESFIBER8G-NP. Multi-mode fiber is recommended for shorter runs up to 300 meters while single-mode fiber can be run over distances up to 7.5 miles away.

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