How To Easily Reset a Cisco 7960G Phone to Factory Default

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 Cisco 7960G phone, CP-7960G

The steps below will guide you through the process of resetting your Cisco 7960G phone to factory default.  The process is easy and you'll be done in a couple minutes.  Be sure to key the sequences in exactly as they appear, because if you don't the phone will not successfully complete the process.  Also, if you take longer than about a minute (60 seconds) to make a selection during one of the steps, the phone will continue with its normal start-up process and fail to reset to factory default.  OK, lets begin...


Step One:

To begin, make sure your Cisco 7960G is unplugged.  Now, plug in the power cord and make sure you hold down the # key.  As the phone begins to power up, you should continue to hold down the # key until the message “Reset key sequence detected” appears on screen.  

Factory default Cisco 7960G step one


Step Two:

Now that the message “Reset key sequence detected” has appeared on screen, you need to key the following sequence exactly:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 * 0 # . If you do not press the keys in this correct order, the factory default will not work.  If you complete this step correctly, you should see a message appear that says “Save network cfg? 1=yes 2=no”.

Factory default Cisco 7960G step two


Step Three:

To save your current network configuration you would press 1, however, most times you want to completely reset the phone in which case you press 2 (we pressed 2 for this example). Once you make your selection, the message “Factory reset initiated” will appear on the screen.  Now you have successfully reset your Cisco 7960G phone to factory default.

Factory default Cisco 7960G step three



About the Cisco 7960G (CP-7960G) phone:

The Cisco 7960G is a full featured IP phone featuring six programmable line and feature buttons with a high quality speakerphone. The 7960G also offers four dynamic soft keys for call features and functions, a built-in headset port, and an integrated Ethernet Switch. A large pixel-based LCD display makes for easy viewing of on screen essentials such as date, time, calling party name and number, and digits dialed.

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