Why Your Next Business Phone Needs to Have a Full Duplex Speakerphone

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What Is a Speakerphone?

Most business telephones available for purchase have a handsfree phone feature called speakerphone. A speakerphone is a built in microphone and loudspeaker that allows the user to speak and be heard without the use of a handset. A speakerphone is a great tool to use when you do not have a telephone headset readily available or when multiple people need to both listen in and converse with the person on the other end of the line.



So Why Do You Need a Full Duplex Speakerphone?

Full duplex speakerphones have a few distinct advantages in the world of speakerphones. First. Full duplex speakerphones have the ability to receive and send voice communications at the same time. Both you and the person on the other end of the conversation can speak or transmit sound at the same time. In a traditional speakerphone, sound can only move one way at a time. So if you’re speaking or you are in a crowded area, you will not be able to receive the sound of those on the other end of the call!

Second, full duplex speakerphones tend to have built in noise cancelation features that often greatly improve the quality of the call. Since the sound of the speaker is picked up by the microphone, full duplex speakers have built in algorithms and modulators that ensure only your voice is transmitted. Full duplex phones result in crisper, cleaner audio.


Which Phones Have Full Duplex Speakerphones?

Many phones made today feature support for a full duplex speakerphone. Both digital and IP based telephones support the ability. Here is our full list of full duplex telephones that we offer. In addition to these phones, most conference phones, especially Polycom conference phones have built in, integrated full duplex speaker options. 

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