How to Save When Purchasing Hosted IP Phone Service

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When a company is looking for a hosted phone solution, convenience and reliability will often trump cost savings. Just because you choose to purchase a hosted phone package does not mean there are not ways to save your company money. Here are three ways your company can save money when purchasing phone service.


3) Purchase Refurbished Telephones From a Third Party

When signing up for telecom service, companies will often tell you there phone system will only work with a small range of Cisco phones or Polycom phones such as the Polycom IP 650. While this is mostly true, it ignores the fact that often you do not need to purchase the phones directly from them. Hosted phone providers often sell telephones to you at full retail price or sometimes higher! Cut a significant portion of the cost of a hosted IP telephone solution by purchasing refurbished telephones from a third party source. Refurbished Phone Exchange can sell compatible Polycom SIP phones for your company at a fraction of the cost of what you will pay for a phone from the provider.


2) Negotiate the Length of Your Contract

When signing up for a hosted VoIP solution, a minimum contract length is often required as a condition of service. While this is usually 12 months, those willing to sign a longer (2 or 3 year) agreement can often see a 10% savings or more over the length of the contract. A provider is often willing to accept a lower monthly cost to ensure your long term contract.


1) Be Prepared to Walk Away From a Provider

The most important way to save money when shopping a hosted VoIP solution is to remember you can walk away at any time. The salespeople who are trying to get you on their service have no power in negotiations with them. Be sure to shop around for the best rate when signing up for a service, especially when it is a long term contract. Do not be afraid to tell a provider about a lower cost competitor.


If you follow these tips, you will be able to get the best deal on your hosted phone solution. We here at Refurbished Phone Exchange want to save you as much money from your telecom budget as possible.  We welcome any questions about this article in the comments section or by email at

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