Setting Up Your Bizfon 680's Dial-By-Name Directory

Posted by Jeff Csisar on

Dial by Name directory is a powerful tool for enabling your customers to easily find who they are looking for at your company. Save your phone operators time transferring calls by allowing your customer's to transfer themselves. The Bizfon 680 cames with a built in dial by name directory to help you manage your customers' calls.

To set up your Bizfon 680's dial by name directory, follow these simple instructions:

When setting up an extension for the first time on your Bizfon 680, you can enter up to 6 letters of the user's last name. When you enter the user's last name, you enable the person to be found in the directory. It is that simple. Excluding yourself from the directory is a bit more complicated. To exclude yourself from the Bizfon 680's dial by name directory, you must follow these steps:

1) Access the Bizfon 680's extensions by accessing 'Settings'

2) Enter your extension number and password

3) Press 4 to change extension information

4) Press 5 to change the dial by name settings

5) Press # to remove the chosen extension from the directory

6) Press 1 to confirm your settings.

That's it, you've removed yourself from your Bizfon 680 phone system's directory!


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