What's the difference between PaeTec and Allworx?

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Many customers notice that Allworx and PaeTec phones look seemingly identical. There is a good reason for this so let us explain a little history behind the two companies. 

Allworx Corp founded in 2003 was, and continues to be a telecommunications company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of hardware and software for small to medium sized businesses.  PaeTec Communications, Inc. was founded in 1998 as a private telecommunications company specializing in medium to large sized businesses.

In 2007, Allworx Corp was purchased for $25 million by the PaeTec Holding Corp.  This was a smart move for PaeTec since it allowed them a strong foothold into the telecommunications market catering to small and medium sized businesses.  Fast forward to 2011, and this time it was PaeTec being acquired by Windstream, of course Allworx was included in the acquisition.

Windstream, who sees an annual revenue of more than $6 billion, is a leading provider of advanced network communications such as cloud computing and managed services.  The whole point of this article comes down to this fact, PaeTec and Allworx are owned by the same company.  Just as Ford and Lincoln automobiles look alike, PaeTec and Allworx business phones do as well because they are identical phones.

If you are interested in taking a closer look at the similarities between the two brands, check out the Allworx and PaeTec 9212's listed below...


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